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I'm Adrah, a 13-year-old aspiring chef with a passion for cooking. Growing up in a home rich with diverse culinary influences, my father's Puerto Rican heritage and my mother's Southern roots have shaped our family's kitchen. With Puerto Rican and soul food seamlessly integrated into my upbringing, they've become the foundation of my culinary identity.

During my culinary journey, I interned at Casa Alternavida in Río Grande, Puerto Rico, alongside Chef Ángel Ortega Cruz, gaining valuable hands-on experience. Attending workshops at Phipps Conservatory and Gaynor's School of Cooking has also further expanded my culinary skills. Baking is a particular passion, with my specialty being crafting a delicious  flan that is paired flawlessly with a traditional Puerto Rican cafecito. Exploring the flavors of Puerto Rico, Soul food, and even Asian cuisines, drives my creativity, as I infuse them into my culinary creations. 

Beyond the kitchen, I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. I also have a passion for DJing and visual artistry, expressing my creativity through music and visual mediums.

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